Can bloggers help you get targeted social media results?

Smart businesses know how important it is to have the support of the right social media bloggers today…

Bloggers are passionate about what they publish and people choose to follow them for their trusted advice. That’s why contacting the right bloggers to help you in your social marketing campaigns is one of the best ways to attain new loyal customers. The questions is: Do you know how to contact the right bloggers?

What is a professional freelance blogger? PFB’s write their own original content, have real knowledge and passion for the subjects they write about, are interactive in social media, and of course have a readership so loyal they share it with all their social media friends… It’s the new Word-Of-Mouth advertising!

Why hiring the right professional freelance blogger(s) is a MUST today. People are becoming blind to most advertising. They’re skeptical about advertised claims and promises… People don’t want to be sold, they want to be informed. They want an honest, trustworthy review from people they can trust. They want to know the good and the bad about a product or service (so they can compare).

Today, people make buying decisions socially. So if your product isn’t being read on popular blogs and shared on social media, it’s usually because you competition has already done so! Your product might even be better, but if people haven’t read a review about it, then you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to your competition.

How hiring a freelance blogger SAVES money! Many times companies lose business because they don’t know their product is inferior. Most customers don’t complain any more, they just buy your competitors product – that have usually been recommended on blogs and social media. Unfortunately, no amount of advertising will usually convince people to buy an inferior product. Professional freelance bloggers get tons of feedback, and usually know what’s wrong with your product or service – and if they don’t, they can review your product and get instant feedback from their loyal readers – which can save you a ton on advertising.

Blogs are the new water coolers! People used to find out what was hot around the water cooler at work. Today people hang around BLOGS! So, if you want the right people to believe your marketing message, you need to be part of that conversation. Unlike the water cooler, where only a few people shared information, popular blogs can quickly share entire articles, photos and videos with thousands of their social media followers – with just a simple click of the Like, Tweet, Pin, and many other social media buttons… without companies having to reach and interact with them personally (saving you time and money!)..

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